Turn TCPA compliance into an advantage

Join us for a transformative journey through the landscape of FCC TCPA compliance. In an era where communication strategies intersect with stringent regulations, understanding and mastering these guidelines is more crucial than ever. This webinar will offer a deep dive into the complex world of TCPA, focusing on how to streamline your compliance operations and safeguard your organization against potential legal challenges.

In this webinar, our panelists will cover:

  • Effective company alignment. Discover strategies to help align your entire organization, including call centers, to meet evolving TCPA compliance requirements.
  • How the best offense is a good defense. Equip yourself with the knowledge and a proactive approach to defend against serial litigators, providing robust protection for your operations.
  • The dangers of the “Wild West.” Gain an understanding of the inherent risks of using the branch model and multiple CRMs.
  • Best practices for immediate and future compliance implementation. Implement forward-looking strategies to maintain compliance and adapt to evolving FCC TCPA regulations.

This webinar isn’t just about understanding the rules; it's about embedding a culture of compliance into the fabric of your organization. As the regulatory environment tightens and the stakes increase, staying informed and agile is paramount. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform TCPA compliance requirements into a competitive advantage.


Peggy Daley 
Vice President at Charles River Associates

Benjamin Zitter 
Chief Compliance Officer at What If Media Group


Mike Peronto 
Director of Professional Services at ActiveProspect

Ben Farrar, Director of Privacy, Security, and Compliance at ActiveProspect

Ben Farrar 
Director of Privacy, Security, & Compliance at ActiveProspect


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