MARCH 14, 2024

All the things TCPA compliance, marketing automation, consent-based.

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  • Buzz from our blog: The new FCC TCPA text message update & Lead Generation best practices for digital marketing agencies
  • The latest trending topics: The new FCC revocation rule takes an unexpected turn
  • Podcasts we are listening to: Decoding the latest FCC ruling
  • Consent-based marketing add-on spotlight: HomeBuddy
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New FCC TCPA text message update

Attorney and TCPA compliance expert Alexandra Krasovec, Partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, takes a deep dive into the main questions that marketers should consider when leveraging SMS marketing strategies.
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Lead Generation for digital marketing agencies

Gain in-depth insight into the various aspects related to lead generation for digital marketing agencies, including a variety of tactics and best practices that you can implement to drive greater acquisition.
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🚨 TCPA filings are up 50% compared to 2023
The latest figures show a significant surge in TCPA cases filed at the onset of 2024, registering an impressive 50% increase over January of the previous year. However, a mere 32% of these filings, precisely 64 cases, were class actions - a distinct decrease compared to the over 50% share in 2023. The count of TCPA class actions filed in January of this year parallels that of January 2023. This suggests that, although there's a noticeable uptick in total cases, the frequency of class actions remains unchanged - at least for the moment.
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🔥 The new FCC revocation rule takes an unexpected turn
The final regulation on revocation of consent will go into effect on April 4, 2024 and it will only pertain to the rule regarding the one-time text message sent to confirm the revocation request. All the other significant amendments suggested are “delayed indefinitely.”
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🔥 FTC implements new protections for businesses against telemarketing fraud
The Federal Trade Commission announced a final rule extending telemarketing fraud protections to businesses and updating the rule’s recordkeeping requirements in light of developments in technology and the marketplace.
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🔥 Google Ads introduces customizable automation with “Solutions”
Google announced the launch of “Solutions,” a new free tool within Google Ads designed to streamline campaign management for advertisers. The tool can help you generate performance reports, manage budgets, and optimize your advertising efforts more efficiently.
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🔥 How generative AI can help banks manage risk and compliance
Generative AI is set to revolutionize how financial entities manage risk. Explore how banks can build a flexible, powerful approach to using AI in risk and compliance management and identify some crucial topics that function leaders should consider.
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🔥 Google takes measures to tackle spammy content on Search
Google is rolling out key updates to polish Search result quality - expect algorithms that prioritize high-value content and tougher spam filters blocking low-grade material, including hijacked domains and unwelcome obituary links.
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💡 AI’s moral compass: Harnessing its good and confronting its dark side
Unravel the complexities and opportunities at the intersection of AI, lead generation, and regulatory compliance under the FCC’s TCPA updates. Watch compliance experts Michele Shuster, Partner at Mac Murray & Shuster and Rich Kahn, CEO at Anura delve deep into the shifting dynamics of the regulatory landscape and its profound implications for businesses leveraging AI in lead generation.
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In this episode of ActiveProspect’s FCC Series Podcast, our Director of Privacy, Security, and Compliance Ben Farrar sits down with Launch Potato’s General Counsel Craig Ready to unravel all the key concerns surrounding the FCC’s latest TCPA ruling on one-to-one consent.
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LeadConduit now integrates directly with HomeBuddy, an online home improvement platform that helps form strong connections between homeowners and local contractors.
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Introducing the people behind the logo
At ActiveProspect, we're backed by an amazing group of people, just like yourself. Sit down with our Customer Success Manager, Tacy Willoughby, and get to know her better
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