Nurturing a Relationship from Purchase to Growth with ActiveProspect’s Customer Success team

The customer’s journey has no destination. Here at ActiveProspect, we understand that after a purchase is made, the journey becomes an endless pursuit of success and satisfaction for perpetual added value. Our Customer Success team is here from day one to eliminate buyer’s remorse, provide immeasurable value, and ensure satisfaction with our complete consent-based marketing platform.

In this webinar, you will hear firsthand from our current customer Chris Cubbage of Florida Window and Door as he joins this robust webinar discussion. 

Here’s what the webinar will cover: 

  • How to lessen the pain points of on-boarding
  • The true value of AP’s Customer Success team
  • How compliance is only the beginning of Customer Success
  • The comprehensive benefits of AP’s consent-based marketing platform


  • Dion Green, Customer Success Manager @ ActiveProspect
  • Ruben Ugarte, Sales Director @ ActiveProspect
  • Chris Cubbage, Chief Marketing Officer @ Florida Window and Door