TrustedForm Insights allows LeadingResponse to reach the best leads and retain satisfied customers

LeadingResponse is a performance marketing company that has been connecting professional health and wealth organizations with clients across the United States since 1966. Their goal is to connect the right consumers with their clients; however, some leads entering the sales funnel have been undesirable or even fraudulent, raising dispute rates and wasting LeadingResponse’s time, money, and internal resources.

LeadingResponse signed up for TrustedForm so it could provide proof of consumers’ consent to be contacted and avoid risking TCPA litigation, and because it already saw the importance and efficacy of TrustedForm, the team was ready to utilize the new capabilities to better understand its leads.

Learn how ActiveProspect helps LeadingResponse reach the best leads, retain satisfied customers, and reduce dispute rates with TrustedForm Insights by downloading our case study today!