Gain New Lead Insights

TrustedForm certificates provide data about each lead generation event, giving you more insight into the leads. Gain access to certificate data about every lead event and use this data to optimize your lead-buying strategies.


Optimize Your Lead-Buying Strategy

Want to know exactly what you are buying and trust leads from your partners as much as you trust the leads from your own website?

  • Save money by buying the right leads at the right price
  • Make more money by identifying the leads most likely to convert
  • Identify the highest-performing lead sources
  • Stop buying leads that don’t meet your criteria
  • Protect yourself from lead fraud with independent lead certification

Benefits of TrustedForm Insights

Savvy marketers then use that data to make purchase decisions, determine pricing strategies, and set routing rules.
TrustedForm Insights data includes:


Originating Domain Identify the best lead sources for your business by tracking leads back to the site that generated them, regardless of where you bought them.

Time on Page Understand intent – a longer time on page can indicate higher intent to purchase and a higher-value lead.

Geolocation & IP Address Only purchase the leads that are generated in your geographic footprint (and are most likely to become customers).


Lead Age Timing is critical for all real-time leads. Lead Age ensures the leads you're purchasing are actively shopping for your product or service so you can determine purchasing and pricing strategies.

Browser, Device and Operating System Hone in on the characteristics of your target prospect using attributes to help ensure you pay the right price for the right leads.

TrustedForm provides critical insights into every lead event it captures.

Your data is safe with us

We are the most privacy-centric company when it comes to our customers and their data.

  • ActiveProspect is a service provider to the site owner. We never share your data with anyone. You have total control over the certificates created on your site.
  • We don't use cookies, use device fingerprinting, engage in cross site tracking, sell in-market signals, or build marketing profiles.
  • With ActiveProspect, your data is yours and yours only.

Do you also generate leads from your website?

TrustedForm is a complete solution for both lead acquisition and lead generation.

If you’re generating leads for your own use or to sell, you can use TrustedForm to
certify your leads wherever they are generated.