Optimize your lead acquisition strategy

Make the most out of every lead that enters your system.

Harness the Power of TrustedForm

TrustedForm provides critical insights into every lead event it captures. Savvy marketers then use that data to make purchase decisions, determine pricing strategies, and set routing rules. TrustedForm data includes:


Originating Domain URL
Identify the best lead sources for your business by tracking leads back to the site that generated them, regardless of where you bought them. 


Lead Age
If timing is critical to your sales cycle, use Lead Age to determine purchase and pricing strategies as well as sales routing rules.


Time on Page
Understand intent – a longer time on page can indicate higher intent to purchase and a higher-value lead.


Browser, Device and Operating System
Hone in on the characteristics of your target prospect using attributes to help ensure you pay the right price for the right leads.


Geolocation & IP Address
Only purchase the leads that match your business needs and that are most likely to become customers.

TrustedForm: More Than Just Compliance

Download our ebook to discover how TrustedForm empowers marketers with unprecedented lead insights from six key data points gathered during the lead generating event.

Our TrustedForm Dashboard

Make it easy to see trends and metadata about every lead event. Reporting and analytics at your fingertips help make decisions when it comes to your lead buying, pricing, and optimization strategy.

Supercharge Your Lead Optimization with Reliable Source Data

Learn why lead source data is so important, and how ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm solution will revolutionize your lead budgeting and optimization.

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