Back in August of 2011 we made a major breakthrough for TrustedForm with the introduction of real-time page capture at the time the visitor lands on the page. We now append the actual page snapshot to the TrustedForm certificate for the lead. Since the snapshot is part of the certificate, a certificate must be claimed in order to keep the snapshot

Prior to this, we would remotely monitor the pages and take snapshots anytime there was a change to the page. The real-time snapshot is much better as it works with dynamic forms and shows you exactly what the consumer saw for each lead.

While the real-time screenshots are more effective than ongoing remote page monitoring, page monitoring is still very useful for situations when you can’t add the TrustedForm javascript to the page. Unfortunately, having both the real-time snapshot and the remote page monitoring in TrustedForm creates unnecessary confusion. So we decided to remove the remote page monitoring functionality from TrustedForm and repackage it as a brand new application called Screenshotter.

Screenshotter is available for use now. Page monitoring will be removed from TrustedForm shortly.