Real-time bidding is even better when you enhance it with TrustedForm lead insights

LeadConduit’s real-time bidding allows marketers to make instantaneous decisions on which leads to buy, and how much to pay for them. While lead auctions, also known as ping/post, have been popular in some industries for a long time, other marketers are just beginning to discover the benefits of this model, including:

  • Reducing or eliminating costly, time-consuming returns by only bidding on the leads that meet your custom criteria, stopping unusable leads from ever entering your system.
  • Paying the right price for every lead based on rules you control. 
  • Limiting the number of leads you purchase from a specific source or with certain attributes.

If your Acceptance Criteria, Volume Caps, or Pricing rules are all successfully met, LeadConduit will return a bid with the price specified in pricing rules; but if your rules are not met, LeadConduit simply does not return a bid price. 

More data leads to better decisions

Now, ActiveProspect has leveraged our TrustedForm data to bring critical new lead event data into the lead auction model. 

TrustedForm is the industry standard for documenting consent and certifying the authenticity of internet leads. But in fact, all too many are unaware that TrustedForm data offers far more than just compliance! 

Every lead documented via TrustedForm also gathers valuable information about the lead generating event itself. Information like:

  • Lead age
  • Geolocation
  • Browser
  • Device type
  • Time spent on form
  • Originating domain URL

And when you apply those TrustedForm data elements to your bidding rules – such as when to bid, at what price, and in what quantity – your lead ROI just keeps getting higher. Here are just a few examples of how you can apply TrustedForm data to your real-time bidding rules: 

  • Lead age: Pay more for a five-second-old lead than one which is five minutes old – and if a lead is five days old, you may choose not to purchase it at all.
  • Originating domain: Know whether a lead is generated on a page where sweepstakes are used to incentivize consumers to complete a form – and pay less if you know these leads convert at a much lower rate.
  • Operating system: If your target customers are more likely to use iOS than Android, set a rule to purchase fewer leads generated on Android devices than iOS.

Marketers who use real-time bidding to buy leads know that more information enables better decisions and gives you a competitive advantage. You need maximum information upfront on the ping to make the right decisions about which leads to purchase, and at what price. TrustedForm data helps you make better bids and improve outcomes, while LeadConduit’s real-time ping/post bidding solution gives you the information you need to make the right decisions before you purchase a lead.