For years, lead generation from digital ads has come from driving users to outside landing pages. However, many prospects don’t want to go through the extra effort of going to a separate website and filling out a form to get the information they’re looking for.

Thankfully, Facebook came up with a way to create native forms within Facebook so the user never has to leave the page – in turn, increasing form-fill rates and boosting lead generation efforts. Although your prospect stays in the Facebook app, the information they enter into the form can move automatically and seamlessly into LeadConduit, and from there get sent to your CRM or database via LeadConduit’s Facebook Lead Ads source integration. This gives you the opportunity to nurture them through their decision stage in the buyer’s journey into becoming a customer.

Facebook Lead Ads are an increasingly efficient way to get new customers into your pipeline. However, as with any other lead source, companies  who call or text their leads need to ensure that they’re compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in order to avoid litigation. 

In this article, we’ll go over the biggest benefits of using Facebook Lead Ads, explain the TCPA compliance challenges for these ads, and take a look at how TrustedForm can help you verify proof of consent to ensure you’re using Facebook Lead Ads correctly.

What are the benefits of using Facebook Lead Ads?

They’re easy to use via desktop AND mobile: Pre-populated forms means people can easily and quickly submit their contact information on any device.

Reduce drop-offs: Facebook Lead Ads do most of the work of filling out contact forms, so people are more likely to complete them.

Find leads that matter: Reach the right people by pairing lead ads with targeted audience selection and optimization products.

Integrate with your CRM: In conjunction with LeadConduit, newly generated leads can be synced directly with your CRM, so your sales team can take immediate action.

Customize forms: Lead ads can be filled out in a variety of forms, including quote or demo requests, newsletter subscriptions, event registrations and more.

So, where does compliance come in?

If you’re planning on texting or calling leads that come from Facebook, you need to follow compliance laws just as you would with traditional lead generation efforts. 

As a quick refresher, TCPA legislation requires prior, express written consent for marketers to contact consumers via auto dialer or text message — and if you’re reaching out using those methods to contact leads from Facebook, you need to be sure you’re remaining compliant. TCPA violations can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per text – which adds up all too quickly.

If you want to ensure you are running compliant Facebook Lead Ad campaigns, we’ve got the solution for you.

How does TrustedForm work for Facebook Lead Ads?

For anyone who calls or texts their leads from Facebook, TCPA compliance is absolutely critical. Luckily, our TrustedForm solution is built into Lead Ads specifically to address this need. By using TrustedForm, you can verify proof of opt-in and document consent for every lead that comes in. 

Facebook conveniently allows you to add custom disclosure language on the form with a checkbox, but the crucial next step is documenting that proof of consent. Our TrustedForm product is integrated directly with Facebook, so you can verify and document proof of consent for your Facebook leads in one step. Facebook conveniently allows you to add custom disclosure language on the form along with a checkbox. Once the required text is set to the custom disclaimer, you can run the TrustedForm Page Scanning feature to validate the result and set a filter that looks to see if the checkbox was selected.

The TrustedForm for Facebook Lead Ads solution is only available to LeadConduit customers. No other Facebook Lead Ads solution can provide it!

Facebook Lead Ads is a great tool for marketers – and combined with TrustedForm, you can conduct social ad campaigns safer than ever, while ensuring the leads that come into your CRM from Facebook have truly raised their hand to be contacted.

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