The Home Services Growth Summit brought together professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators from various corners of the home services industry, creating an ideal environment for fostering connections. From the moment our team stepped into the vibrant venue, the atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and a palpable sense of collaboration.

The event officially kicked off with a lively keynote address from Kenneth “Shark” Kinney, setting the tone for an action-packed two-day agenda. The showroom floor was immediately abuzz with attendees discussing the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities facing the home services sector in 2024. The networking opportunities extended beyond the main showroom to breaks and social events creating a conducive environment for establishing lasting relationships within the industry.

When the ActiveProspect team wasn’t networking or demonstrating the benefits of our consent-based marketing platform, they attended interactive panels and engagements with influential industry leaders. The diverse range of topics covered, from customer acquisition trends to technological innovations, proved to be instrumental in refining the company’s strategies and staying ahead of the compliance curve.

Unquestionably, our favorite session of the event was, “Diving into the Ocean of Compliance in Lead Generation,” hosted by ActiveProspect CRO, Margaret Wise, Mac Murray & Shuster Partner, Michele Shuster, and Red Clover Advisors Founder & CEO, Jodi Daniels. The session covered a myriad of topics including the FCC’s TCPA updates, a brief history of data privacy laws, the use of AI in lead generation, and the need for a proactive approach to compliance. 

“We really want to think, not just about what we’re doing legally and compliantly, but also what you are doing to put your best foot forward from that very first interaction that you have with the potential customer,” Wise explained. By always keeping compliance at the forefront, businesses can help keep litigators several steps behind.

As the summit drew to a close, the ActiveProspect team left with a wealth of knowledge, strengthened industry connections, and a renewed sense of purpose. The Home Services Growth Summit not only provided a platform for showcasing the company’s consent-based solutions but also served as a catalyst for future growth and innovation.

Final thoughts

In a landscape filled with uncertainty, we were honored to be positioned as a thought leader for the future of lead generation. We were excited to not only showcase our cutting-edge lead acquisition and compliance solutions, but also demonstrate a resolute commitment to staying ahead of an ever-changing regulatory landscape. To learn more about what the FCC’s TCPA updates mean for your business, be sure to check out our FCC-centric webinar series and don’t miss our upcoming episode on March 13th, “AI’s Moral Compass: Harnessing its good and confronting its dark side.”

For those who could not attend or connect with us, don’t worry. ActiveProspect is on the move like never before in 2024. Stay up-to-date about our upcoming events or connect with us now to be a part of our exciting future of lead acquisition and compliance.