We have prepared an update to our JavaScript which will improve script execution speed. Also included in this release are some changes to the script which will provide more reliable certificate generation on spotty wireless networks.

When will the update occur?

The new script will become active on Tuesday 5/8 at 9PM central time. All vendors using the script to provide certified leads will automatically start using the updated script at that time.

What do vendors need to do?

Vendors implementing the script can continue to use the same script tag on their pages. But in order to reap the benefits of the speed improvement, the script tag should be updated to that shown in our knowlege base article.

Vendors wishing to test our new script before it goes live can use the script tag below, which serves the script in our “next” environment. This environment contains all the updates that will be released on 5/8.

You can find the TrustedForm script here: http://support.trustedform.com/kb/javascript/how-to-set-up-the-javascript-in-a-form

Vendors should only use the next script tag on live offer forms in order to facilitate testing. Once the release is done, the staging script will be unfrozen and we will once again be making changes which could break offer forms that are using it.

Problems? Questions? Concerns?

Vendors testing the script update in our next environment are encouraged to contact us if they notice anything out of the ordinary. Also, we’re always here to answer questions or address concerns. Stop by our support portal and start a discussion.