ActiveProspect had the honor of recently attending RoofCON 2023 in Orlando, FL. This event has cemented its status as the world’s foremost roofing and solar training event, attracting top-tier home services influencers, entrepreneurs, and innovators from across the globe. With a clear mission to equip attendees with knowledge, tools, and strategies, RoofCON empowers industry leaders to thrive in this exciting era of innovation

The vibrant atmosphere of the Orange County Convention Center swept us away as we delved into a world brimming with knowledge, innovative ideas, and powerful connections. Our presence at this industry-leading event revolved around showcasing our cutting-edge consent-based marketing platform

We were overwhelmed with excitement as our booth served as a beacon for engagement and insightful conversations. The enthusiasm and passion displayed by attendees truly showcased their recognition of the importance of consent-based marketing in today’s dynamic market.

Beyond our booth, the event hall was alive with discussion as attendees shared ideas and participated in keynote addresses and panel discussion. The headline speakers at RoofCON were nothing short of impressive, offering a perfect blend of entrepreneurship and relationship wisdom.

  • Kevin Harrington’s Entrepreneurial Odyssey: Renowned Shark Tank investor, Harrington took attendees on a captivating journey through the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. With unparalleled expertise, Harrington shared invaluable insights on transforming ideas into successful ventures, inspiring everyone in the room to think big and act boldly.
  • Dr. Gary Chapman’s Relationship Wisdom: Known for his groundbreaking work on relationships and communication, Dr. Chapman explored how the principles of his “5 Love Languages” can be applied not only to personal relationships but also to professional lives. His insights left a lasting impression on how fostering stronger connections can lead to more fruitful partnerships in the roofing and solar industries.

Of all the opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with the best and brightest in the roofing and solar industries, our personal favorite was our co-sponsored Swing & Sip Social with Home Direct Marketing. This event aimed to create an atmosphere conducive to expanding professional networks, while also searching for greens to save par. Friendly competition and meaningful conversations made the Swing & Sip Social a hole-in-one that successfully combined entertainment, networking, and education, easily making it the standout for us.

Attending RoofCON was an empowering experience for our team, as we were able to share our knowledge and platform with like-minded professionals who are looking to succeed in the roofing and solar industries. We were honored to have had the opportunity to participate in such an incredible event and look forward to future collaborations and partnerships with everyone we were able to connect with in Florida.

Be sure to stay connected with us for updates on future events and opportunities to enhance your marketing strategies.