ActiveProspect has been extensively involved in the Elixir community for years. At the ElixirConf US 2018 event held September 4-7 in Bellevue, Washington, two of our software developers, Aaron Renner and Frank Kumro, were invited to speak.  ElixirConf US is the premier conference for the Elixir community where Elixir developers from around the world gather.

Aaron gave a presentation entitled “Growing Applications and Taming Complexity.” His course covers his first-hand experience of tackling the complexity of scaling an application and simplifying testing. For more information about his course, click here or watch the video embedded below.

Frank spoke about his passion for the weather and how that inspired him to develop a unique project in a presentation entitled “Do You Hear the Wind?” Read more about his course here or view the video embedded below.

Nice job Aaron and Frank!  We are very proud to have you on our team.