At ActiveProspect, we’re perfecting Lead Acquisition via three powerful and innovative products that are built to work together. The result for you? Unmatched Lead Acquisition success.


LeadConduit is a real-time data acquisition hub that enables you to filter, enhance and deliver any leads to any systems. Build complex lead flows using any data enhancement or verification service. Make real-time decisions on your leads with rules-based logic and reject any leads in real-time that don’t meet your criteria. LeadConduit integrates with all lead vendors and delivers the polished leads to any system.

  • Capture
  • Enhance
  • Filter
  • Deliver
  • Report

The original lead certification service that independently verifies the origin of internet leads. TrustedForm is the highest standard of proof of consent for regulations like TCPA and CASL. TrustedForm captures important information about when, where and how a consumer submitted a web form, including a VideoReplay of how they interacted with the page. TrustedForm certificates are directly accessible and easily shared with third parties. Eliminate compliance worries with TrustedForm.

  • Legal Protection
  • Fraud Protection
  • Brand Protection

SuppressionList is a powerfully simple tool for checking your leads against any list, including current customers, lapsed customers, opt-outs and any other list you can think of. Our lightning-fast API allows you to check your lead in real time and respond instantly.

  • Unlimited Lists
  • Real-time Checks
  • Fast API