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TrustedForm is a lead certification product that helps you comply with regulations like the TCPA by documenting consumer consent. It can also provide insights as to lead performance.

Why is TrustedForm So Important?

  • Legal Protection

    Verify and document consent for compliance with regulations like TCPA, CASL, etc.
  • Fraud Protection

    Verify you are receiving authentic leads, with real intent, collected according to your requirements.
  • Brand Protection

    Verify your brand is being presented properly and leads are coming from approved sites.
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Were you asked to implement TrustedForm?

If you sell leads and a lead buyer asked you to provide TrustedForm Certified Leads, you don’t need a paid TrustedForm account. You just need to implement the TrustedForm script on your site to issue TrustedForm Certificates with your leads.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Independent 3rd Party

    TrustedForm is an impartial issuing authority for lead certification. It independently collects information and doesn’t rely on any vendor-reported information.
  • VideoReplay

    Captures how the user interacted with the form, including data entries, mouse movements and mouse clicks, for the most authoritative proof of consent.
  • Long-term Storage

    TrustedForm issues a certificate for every lead. Each certificate you claim will be stored in your account as long as you need them. Certificates are easily accessed and shared.
  • Sensitive Data Flagging

    When a field has been marked with a Sensitive Data Tag, we will hash the value contained in the field prior to storing it. No one, including members of our own team, will have the capability to retrieve and view the original text entered.
  • Real-time Page Scanning

    Pagescan verifies the presence of required consent and disclosures, and/or absence of restricted content. This allows marketers to immediately verify consent prior to making an outbound call, eliminating the need for manual review.
  • Masked Certificates

    You are in control of your certificates and how they are shared. Limit the data you share with third parties by providing masked certificates. You always have the option of providing the full certificate as needed on a case-by-case basis.

TrustedForm is now supported on Facebook Lead Ads

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Valuable Data You Can Trust

As an independent third party witnessing the moment of lead capture, TrustedForm provides critical contextual data about the lead. This data can be appended to your leads in real-time to optimize your acquisition and follow-up process.

  • Website of Origin

    Tracking the true source of the lead is critical for campaign optimization. It allows you to identify your top performing sources and block leads originating from unwanted sources.

  • Time on Page

    Capture the amount of time it takes for the consumer to fill out the lead form. Time on page is also a strong indicator of consumer intent and lead quality.

  • Lead Age

    Know the real age of the lead you just received. Was this lead delivered in real-time or was it actually created a couple of days ago? Leads exceeding the age threshold can be blocked in real-time.

  • Presence of Consent

    With our page scan feature you can verify that consent language was present on the form where the lead was collected, before you contact the lead.

  • Geographic Location of User

    Know where the user is actually filling out the lead form based on their IP address. Was this lead submitted in the US or India? Leads submitted from outside your desired geographic area can be flagged or blocked.

Pay for What You Use

TrustedForm pricing is based on the number of certificates you claim each month and the number of certificates stored in your account. Learn more.

How it Works

TrustedForm is a 3 step process. All steps are required if you want to retain Certificates for your leads in your TrustedForm account.

  1. Issue Certificate on Form

    Simply paste the TrustedForm javascript into the html of your form page, and it will automatically generate a unique Certificate for every lead.
  2. Capture Certificate as Data Field

    The script will pass the Certificate as a hidden field with the rest of the lead data. The Certificate is in the form of a URL and is meant to be stored with the lead in your database.
  3. Claim Certificate Via API Call

    The Certificate must be claimed in your TrustedForm account. In LeadConduit, simply add TrustedForm as a step in your flow. Alternatively, you can integrate directly with the TrustedForm API.

Ready to start issuing TrustedForm Certificates with your leads?

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