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TrustedForm provides unbiased, third-party documentation of consent, plus real-time, actionable insights about the leads you’re acquiring.


TrustedForm is the highest standard for independent proof of consent.

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Why does your business need TrustedForm?


Legal Protection
Verify and document consent for compliance with regulations like TCPA, CASL, etc.

Fraud Protection
Verify you are receiving authentic leads, with real intent, collected according to your custom requirements.

Brand Protection
Verify your brand is being presented properly and leads are coming from approved sites.

TrustedForm is the only TCPA compliance solution for Facebook Lead Ads

Drive a TCPA compliant Facebook Lead Ad user signup experience by storing TrustedForm Certificates with your leads.


User fills out form containing TrustedForm Script


We issue a TrustedForm


You claim TrustedForm certificate to store in your CRM


TrustedForm: Valuable Data You Can Trust

As an independent third party witnessing the moment of lead capture, TrustedForm provides critical contextual data about the lead. This data can be appended to your leads in real time to optimize your lead acquisition and follow-up process.

TrustedForm Features & Benefits

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