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LeadConduit is a lead optimization platform that allows you to take real-time action on your leads. You'll get ultimate control when handling data integration, validation, enhancements, filtering, and routing.

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Capture leads from any source. Whether an internal form or a 3rd party lead vendor, LeadConduit captures leads automatically from all your lead sources for centralized processing.


Get additional information on your leads using any 3rd party data service. Verify, score, or append additional information to your leads with best of breed providers. For example, is this a duplicate? Is this phone number real? Was consent language present on the form?


Use the enhanced data to block or route leads using rules-based logic. LeadConduit provides a real-time response to the lead source informing them if the lead was rejected, along with a reason why.


Integrate leads into your CRM, ESP, Marketing Automation, or custom system. Leads can be routed to multiple systems or parties based on your requirements.


Get insights into your marketing funnel and statistics. Share with partners for easy reconciliation.

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Pay for What You Use

LeadConduit pricing is based on the number of transactions in your account each month. Learn more.

Capture leads from any source

Using LeadConduit’s library of inbound integrations, you can capture leads automatically from any source - including your own web forms. LeadConduit is also integrated with hundreds of lead vendors.

  • Standardized fields
  • Inbound field mapping
  • Interactive lead submission instructions
  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Use Volume Caps to control number of leads you receive
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Enhance leads with any data service

Get additional information on your leads using any 3rd party data service. This data can be used to make real time decisions on your leads - such as filtering or delivering based on custom logic.

  • Use SuppressionList to check for duplicates
  • Use TrustedForm to verify consent and append certification data.
  • Use any of our built-in enhancement services that are purchased directly within LeadConduit
  • Use integrations to work with any other data provider (LeadConduit transactions apply)
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Filter leads that don’t meet your criteria

Block leads that don’t meet your criteria using rules-based logic. For example, block leads that are duplicates, uncontactable, non-compliant, missing required fields, unqualified, low lead score, outside geographic area, aged data, unapproved websites, or any reason based on the available data. Keep these leads out of your database to ensure data integrity and efficient operations. LeadConduit provides a real-time response to the lead source informing them the lead was rejected with a reason why.

  • Real-time rejections to lead sources
  • Vary acceptance criteria by lead source
  • Use any combination of data, including data appended from enhancement providers
  • Block duplicates using SuppressionList
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Deliver leads to any system

Integrate all of your lead sources with the systems you use to contact your leads. Leads can be routed based on rules to different systems or buyers.

  • Library of pre-built outbound integrations with popular CRMs and ESPs.
  • Outbound field mapping
  • Deliver to multiple systems based on rules-based logic.
  • Integrate with any system using flexible standard integrations
  • Use Volume Caps to control number of leads you deliver
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Track and report all activity

Granular reporting allows you to track activity across many dimensions including every event that occurs for each individual lead.

  • Track lead processing time down to the millisecond
  • Partner reporting for easy reconciliation
  • Detailed audit trail for every lead
  • Full request and response captured for every transaction
  • Automated lead returns
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Where does LeadConduit fit in your marketing stack?

LeadConduit can be used in 3 different ways: passing data through the system, as an end point that receives and returns data, or in a batch process of uploaded files.
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Built with developers in mind.

The LeadConduit UI is built on top of our RESTful API.

That means that anything a user can do while logged in can also be done programmatically.

Our integrations provide the custom functionality required to capture, enhance and deliver leads in the platform. They are written in JavaScript for Node.JS, and can be customized to handle any format or protocol needed. We provide access to several of them via public GitHub repositories, making it easy for you to view real world examples should you want to build your own to run on LeadConduit.