Meet LeadConduit

LeadConduit is a real-time lead optimization platform that empowers you to take action on your leads by customizing lead flow, enhancing leads with additional data, filter and reject leads, and deliver it all straight to your CRM.


Start scaling your lead acquisition with LeadConduit.


Customize your lead flow


Capture leads from any source, including web forms, third-party vendors, or CSV imports


Enhance leads with additional data points.


Filter and reject leads that fail to meet your criteria.


Distribute leads directly to your CRM or autodialer.

Enhance leads with any data service

Get additional information on your leads using any third-party data service. This data can be used to make real-time decisions on your leads, such as filtering or delivering based on custom logic.


Take smarter actions with greater insights

LeadConduit’s reporting & analytics provide deeply detailed insights into what is - and isn’t - working, so you can optimize your lead flows and improve ROI. Identify points of failure at every step of the lead generation process, from submission to conversion.

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Check Out Our Wide Library of Integrations

LeadConduit supports over 100 pre-built unique integrations, including lead sources, data enhancements, and recipient systems, such as CRMs and autodialers. Additionally, LeadConduit has an Open API so you can customize it as much as you'd like.