Coast-to-coast compliance

As businesses strive to align with federal TCPA regulations, many overlook the intricacies of state-specific compliance,‌ exposing themselves to increased legal risks. This webinar is designed to bridge that gap, offering a comprehensive analysis of the latest FCC updates and their varying impacts on TCPA-like regulations across different states.

In this webinar, our panelists will cover:

  • Overview of recent FCC changes: Understand the latest modifications to TCPA regulations and their potential implications on a national and state level.
  • State-specific requirements: Are you aware of the TCPA-like requirements unique to each state? Whether you're dealing with Florida's stringent laws or navigating multiple regulations in states with layered TCPA-like rules, gain insights to keep your operations compliant.
  • Operational challenges and solutions: Learn how to install TCPA compliance strategies within your business framework for interstate operations.
  • Best practices for TCPA compliance: Achieve the highest level of compliance through our discussion of best practices, tailored to help protect your business against both federal and state laws.

Don't miss this opportunity to adapt to the evolving landscape of TCPA regulation at both a federal and state level. Join us and learn how to bolster your compliance strategy regardless of area code.


Aaron Weiss 
Shareholder at Carlton Fields


Mike Peronto 
Director of Professional Services at ActiveProspect

Ben Farrar, Director of Privacy, Security, and Compliance at ActiveProspect

Ben Farrar 
Director of Privacy, Security, & Compliance at ActiveProspect


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