FEBRUARY 29, 2024

All the things TCPA compliance, marketing automation, consent-based.

As seasoned industry experts, we are committed to delivering top-notch information to power up your business. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey where you'll explore:
  • Buzz from our blog: The complete TCPA consent guide & How to generate quality leads with Google Ads.
  • The latest trending topics: Navigating the undefined world of robocalls and robotexts.
  • Podcasts we are listening to: Unpacking the implications of new AI legislation.
  • Consent-based marketing add-on spotlight: BriteVerify (email validation).
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TCPA consent: The complete guide for marketers

There are a lot of different layers to the TCPA and many requirements that marketers need to follow, which can make compliance difficult to keep up with. Learn how to navigate TCPA compliance with confidence.
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The complete guide to Google lead generation

Setting a strong lead generation strategy helps target high-quality prospects that are more likely to become customers. Explore Google Ads best practices and examples that will help you generate high-quality leads.
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🚨 TCPA filings are on the rise
According to a recent year-in-review report by WebRecon, reversing the trend of the last two years, filings under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) increased in 2023 as compared to the previous year, with 1,683 TCPA cases filed, representing a 9.4% increase from 2022.
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🔥 Taking a closer look at the FCC’s new “Scope of consent revocation” rules
The FCC just recently passed a ruling on TCPA consent revocation - which is expected to go into effect soon - that will massively impact the way businesses are going to be allowed to communicate with consumers. Check out all the key takeaways to look out for.
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🔥 FCC’s recent ruling and its implications on lead generation
The FCC’s recent ruling on lead generation significantly alters the ability to leverage purchased leads for marketing and sales efforts. Learn how the FCC’s TCPA new ruling transforms companies’ customer acquisition and engagement approach.
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🔥 Driving lead generation with paid media: What’s new and what’s next
Have we deviated too far from sustainable lead-generation practices and become too reliant on pay-to-play databases? Learn why behavioral momentum is essential for true lead qualification in B2B and the value of authentic engagement for data enrichment.
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🔥 Telemarketing in the age of AI: The FCC’s latest ruling
The FCC recently adopted a declaratory ruling that AI-generated human voices constitute “artificial or prerecorded voice[s]” under the TCPA, which governs telemarketing phone calls and text messages. See what companies should do to comply.
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🔥 Year in review: 2023 TCPA litigation
2023 saw an increase in TCPA filings compared to 2022. This potentially indicates that plaintiffs are looking to test new theories of liability against companies despite the Supreme Court’s 2021 decision in Facebook v. Duguid. See the most notable TCPA cases from 2023.
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💡 Navigating the undefined world of robocalls and robotexts
Watch industry experts Tammy Glover Fowler from Convoso and Puja Amin from Troutman Amin LLP delve into the evolving landscape of call center technology and discover innovative approaches for calling and texting to help navigate regulatory challenges while maximizing operational efficiency.
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In this episode of the Privacy Please Podcast, privacy and security expert Cameron Ivey unpacks California's Senate Bill 1047 regarding AI legislation and its potential to navigate the tightrope between innovation and consumer safety.
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BriteVerify (email validation)
BriteVerify is an email validation solution that helps users maintain a healthy email list by identifying bad emails. See how integrating it with LeadConduit can help you optimize and enhance your lead flows.
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Introducing the people behind the logo
At ActiveProspect, we're backed by an amazing group of people, just like yourself. Sit down with our Product Manager, Christopher Williams, and get to know him better!
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