When it comes to lead acquisition, the importance of verifying email addresses cannot be overlooked. Email verification ensures that the email you are sending is reaching the right person, helps you stay clear of invalid or fake email addresses, and it also aids in reducing bounce rates and maintaining sender reputation.

In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into BriteVerify, the email verification solution by Validity. We will discuss what BriteVerify is, how it works, and how you can implement it with LeadConduit to streamline your lead acquisition efforts.

What is BriteVerify?

BriteVerify is an email verification solution that ensures your emails are being delivered to valid email addresses, minimizing your bounce rate and maintaining your sender reputation. It helps users maintain a healthy email list by identifying bad emails that could result in spam complaints, bounces, and unsubscribes.

With BriteVerify, you can easily upload a list of email addresses or integrate their API to verify email addresses before sending any marketing campaigns.

How does BriteVerify work?

BriteVerify uses proprietary technology to verify the validity of email addresses. First, it checks the syntax of the email address, ensuring that it follows the correct format. Next, it validates the domain name, checking if it exists and if it is responsive. 

The next step is to check if the domain has an email server configured and is available to accept emails. Finally, it checks if the mailbox exists to ensure that the email address is deliverable. 

The best part? It takes less than a second per email.

Integrating BriteVerify with LeadConduit for streamlined lead acquisition

LeadConduit optimizes your CPL acquisition process, allowing you to effortlessly acquire customers at scale. Lead flows are customized to supercharge lead quality by automatically enhancing and filtering leads in real time. LeadConduit integrates with multiple tools and services, such as BriteVerify, which is available as an add-on.

By adding BriteVerify to your LeadConduit flows, you can ensure the quality of your leads and manage your email list in one platform. LeadConduit can verify email addresses using BriteVerify in real time, ensuring that only valid email addresses are captured and sent to your CRM system.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the unrivaled action of LeadConduit add-ons, like BriteVerify, in a free demo. Schedule yours today!

Final thoughts

In conclusion, email verification solutions like BriteVerify continue to play a critical role in lead acquisition processes. They help maintain a healthy email list and improve campaign effectiveness by identifying bad emails.

Integrating BriteVerify with LeadConduit can further streamline the lead acquisition process, ensuring that you only receive verified, quality leads in real time. By implementing these solutions, businesses can improve their email campaigns’ effectiveness and overall lead acquisition process.