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TCPA Settlements

TCPA litigation is a real and growing risk for marketers. Check out these eye popping TCPA settlements.

Key Settlements
Date Company Settlement
March 2018 US Coachways $50 Million
March 2018 JPMorgan Chase $2.25 Million
January 2018 Peak Campus $7 Million
January 2018 XPO Logistics $7 Million
Nov. 2017 Dish Network (Continued) $61 Million
September 2017 Last Ounce of Courage $32.4 Million
August 2017 Uber $20 Million
August 2017 Hooters $1.3 Million
August 2017 Citgo $8.3 Million
August 2017 Birch Communications $12 Million
July 2017 Dialing Services, LLC $2.88 Million
June 2017 Dish Network $280 Million
March 2017 Navient (formerly Sallie Mae) $17.5 Million
Feb. 2017 Wells Fargo $30.4 Million
Jan. 2017 Cynosure Inc. $16 Million
Nov. 2016 US Coachways $49.93 million
September 2016 Caribbean Cruise Lines $76 Million
July 2016 Midland Credit $20.5 million
July 2016 American Express $9.25 Million
July 2016 Wells Fargo $16.3 Million
June 2016 iHeartMedia $8.5 Million
Dec. 2016 American Eagle $14.5 Million

TCPA litigation has increased 940% in the last 5 years

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