ActiveProspect, the SaaS platform for consent-based marketing, today announces its TrustedForm & LeadConduit solutions have been chosen to independently certify web leads as TCPA compliant and route leads by QuoteVelocity, a provider of real-time web and live transfer prospects for the financial, auto & healthcare verticals.

Because QuoteVelocity generates real-time web and live transfer prospects, it’s critical to ensure each prospect delivered is compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The TCPA requires prior express written consent for marketers to contact consumers via auto dialer or text message – an increasingly difficult challenge for marketers in all industries.

ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm works to combat this challenge by capturing and documenting TCPA consent, offering evidence that prospects have opted in to receive communications and giving QuoteVelocity an innovative way to prove it is running completely compliant operations.

ActiveProspect developed TrustedForm in 2010 as the original lead certification product. TrustedForm generates a unique certificate for each prospect that is stored with each record, and includes a video replay of the prospect engaging with the web form. TrustedForm is considered the highest standard for documenting proof of TCPA consent.

“Claiming certificates on all of our internal and partner data has given us much needed confidence and security in what is an otherwise ambiguous environment,” says Manny Zuccarelli, Founder & CEO at QuoteVelocity. “We initiate contact with thousands of consumers per day, and without TrustedForm, our efforts could expose us to frivolous legal ramifications.”

“In addition to the TrustedForm product, we have had a lot of success with the LeadConduit system, which has provided us with a solution to route real-time web leads to a number of end-user partners,” Manny adds.

“With their implementation of the ActiveProspect platform, QuoteVelocity will be able to document proof of consent while improving efficiency through routing leads in real time — all of which will empower them to be a leader in their space,” says Brian Caskey, ActiveProspect CMO.

About ActiveProspect
ActiveProspect is the SaaS platform on a mission to make consent-based marketing the best method for customer acquisition. Our comprehensive product suite empowers companies across industries to take real-time action on their leads, protect themselves from litigation by documenting proof of consent, and save money by providing new levels of data insights and control. For more information, visit ActiveProspect.

About QuoteVelocity
Quote Velocity is a consumer acquisition and marketing team widely respected for quality-focused lead generation. Known for their ability to enter saturated markets and quickly excel in generating high volume, high intent consumers, they operate a small yet highly efficient organization. This is led in part by their discipline to apply deep focus on one market at a time, where their role serves more as a direct