ActiveProspect is proud to fully integrate with over 100 unique platforms. In this Integration Spotlight series, we’ll highlight our most popular integrations so you can make the most out of your lead generation efforts.

What is Convoso? 

Convoso provides a powerful cloud-based dialer solution to drive profits for sales and lead generation teams, while supporting compliance with TCPA and other regulations. Companies in home services, solar, financial services, insurance, and marketing dramatically increase contact rates up to 3X when they switch their dialer to Convoso. Customers typically see a substantial improvement in productivity, conversions, and agent morale.

Convoso jumps in to solve key problems for its customers. Recent innovations include the development of advanced Voicemail Detection accuracy and speed; additionally, the launch of its new tracking tool ClearCallerID target the increase in flagged calls; carrier and consumer blocked calls; and filed complaints, swapping out clean caller IDs before impacting ROI.

Convoso customers have the option of both predictive and dialing modes: predictive, power, preview and progressive dialing, depending on their leads and outbound campaign goals. By using multiple channels–calls, emails, SMS, smart voicemail drops–to reach out to prospects in an automated cadence, sales and lead gen teams increase total conversations. Convoso’s suite of powerful tools and real time customized reporting substantially increase outbound call center productivity.

How does the ActiveProspect + Convoso integration work?

Integrating our platform with Convoso helps your team optimize performance by validating contact data, filtering out non-optimal leads, and delivering only the best leads to your agents using the Convoso system. The integration allows you to automatically add leads to your Convoso queue from your LeadConduit flow. You can easily enable Convoso right from within LeadConduit with no IT intervention — all you need is your Convoso API key!

The integration also supports common Convoso settings like Duplicate and DNC checks, adjusting multiple settings with your Convoso Hopper priority so your agents stay focused on your highest priority leads. And, of course, you can connect any custom field data between LeadConduit and Convoso.

How to set up the integration in just three steps

Step 1: Add Convoso as a recipient in LeadConduit

In LeadConduit, click to add a new flow. Then, click “Add New Recipient” and search for “Convoso.”

Step 2: Add your Convoso credentials

Select your account and credentials from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Configure the list you want to use with Convoso.

In the dropdown menu, you’ll see options for which custom list you’d like to integrate with Convoso. Choose the list, and then click finish! 

All done!

In just three steps, you have successfully integrated ActiveProspect with Convoso to send even higher quality leads straight to your dialer.

With the ActiveProspect-Convoso integration, you can run more effective outbound campaigns that drive more profits. How? By filtering trusted data from the ActiveProspect platform into the Convoso dialer, then prioritizing, automating and personalizing your outreach strategy. Outbound contact centers that engage with high intent compliant leads dramatically increase conversions and improve the ROI on expensive data. 

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