We are excited to announce that we are transitioning our entire product suite to a cloud-based infrastructure. We will be transitioning LeadConduit to the cloud later this month and will complete the rest of our products by the end of the year. 

Since opening our doors in 2004, reliability and security have been foundational in earning your trust. We are proud of our record and our growing roster of loyal customers proves our continued success. We’re thrilled to enter a new era, continuing to deliver on our promise to provide an always-on and highly secure offering.

We will be moving each of our products, one-by-one, to the cloud. This will afford us many advantages over our current environment, including:

  • The ability to scale quickly in response to increased demand
  • Higher redundancy at all levels of our stack
  • Change control over infrastructure by provisioning via infrastructure as code, and automating application configurations
  • Lower-risk production changes brought by continuous deployment 
  • Reduction in impact our clients when we make updates, such as the need to whitelist IP addresses when new servers are added
  • Adoption of managed services, allowing us to deliver better products at increased performance and security
  • Best of breed security practices through more granular control of our production environment

We will announce the migration of each of our products on our status page before we make any changes. LeadConduit will come first in September, followed by SuppressionList and ActiveProspect ID (aka SSO). We expect to have TrustedForm migrated by the end of the year. There are a lot of moving parts to manage as we cut over, so we have purposefully left the schedule somewhat vague for now. We will provide more definitive dates as we draw nearer to each migration.

Generally, we aim to make the transition seamless for you. If any action is required on your part, we will provide ample time and support for you to take it. Please subscribe to the status page updates by clicking on the big blue “subscribe to updates” button if you haven’t already, and ensure your IT team has also done so.

We are very much looking forward to what’s to come. This change is necessary to continue to build and maintain the trust we’ve earned as a top-tier technology provider. After migrating to the cloud, we will undergo our first SOC2 type 2 audit and prove it.

We’re not the same technology company we were in 2004. Constant improvement is in our DNA. We are constantly working to deliver the highest reliability and security in the industry. Thank you for your continued trust.