Our customers are a fertile source of great ideas for new product features and functionality. So as we work to continually improve our products, we want to make sure you have an easy, direct way to contribute to that process. That’s why we’ve created the ActiveProspect feature request forum. In addition to submitting your ideas, you’re able to view what other contributors are talking about and to endorse the ideas you like. Promote your favorite ideas by adding 1, 2 or 3 votes to each. Be sure to choose carefully, because you’re allowed only 10 votes to apply to currently posted feature requests. Feel free to forward the link to colleagues and friends if you’d like to create momentum for your ideas. While we can’t develop every great idea submitted, we expect to choose several from the list. You’ll be notified if your idea or an idea you’ve promoted has been accepted, and your votes will be returned for future feedback. Vote early and vote often. We want your feedback!