At ActiveProspect, we offer unlimited paid time off to all of our employees. Our flexible approach to taking time off helps increase employee engagement throughout the year. Employees face less pressure in taking vacation time when they aren’t required to strategically maneuver a limited number of days. For the company, this means less administrative overhead surrounding time off. And for every new team member, it means starting your new job with a company that is willing to trust you from the get go.

Taking time off is necessary for any employee in any business to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We find that an open PTO policy allows employees on every level to strike that balance in the way that best suits their lifestyle and budget. Vacation is not a “one size fits all” situation.

Whether you prefer to periodically take an extended weekend or enjoy planning longer vacations, unlimited PTO offers employees the freedom to use their time off any way they choose. Those that need the occasional day or two off can do so without having to keep a strict tab or worrying about running out of days and then needing one more down the line. And those that prefer longer vacations aren’t tied down to an exact amount of time, allowing for the flexibility necessary for a relaxed vacation.

The last thing we want is for an employee to feel they have to limit the valuable time they spend with their friends or family, whether for a wedding, a family reunion, or any other gathering, because of their job. As long as the work gets done, time off is earned. In the words of one current employee, “our unlimited PTO policy shows me that ActiveProspect respects my time away from work, no questions asked!”

Although our unlimited PTO policy is a bit of an unusual perk, it is becoming a more common practice. Recently, we were featured in a BuiltInAustin article alongside two other local businesses that implement similar policies. With unlimited PTO on the rise, now is a great time to join the bandwagon. Sound like something you could be interested in? Check out our careers page to see if any of our current listings our a fit!