Meet Jon Perkins, our Product Engagement Manager. Jon’s role in the company is to focus on improving the user experience for Pay As You Go clients. He does this by collecting and analyzing data on how clients are currently using the product as well as how they’d like to use the product in the future.

After practicing law for a couple of years, Jon came across The Odin Project, an open source web development curriculum through which he realized his interest for web development. He learned the basics from the curriculum and developed his skills enough to start looking for a more tech-focused job. A year and a half ago, Jon joined ActiveProspect as a Junior Implementation Engineer to help our clients configure their lead flows for managing online lead generation campaigns. As Jon worked and analyzed the progress of clients, he recognized opportunities for improvement, noticing where our clients needed the most help. He took the initiative to create an interactive “Getting Started” guide which reduced the time needed by Implementation Engineers to help clients get onboarded by 50 percent. Not only does the guide help clients get up to speed more quickly but also makes it possible for the company to scale the support ActiveProspect is able offer.

The opportunity to do something new for the company is both daunting and exciting,” said Jon, “More than anything, I feel responsible to ensure that whatever I’m doing brings value to the company, especially our clients.”

ActiveProspect recently launched Pay As You Go Account Plans, a rapidly growing segment of our business that allows companies to use our products for as little as $10 per month. Jon also identified the need to improve the onboarding of these customers and creates guided walkthroughs for new Pay As You Go users. His purpose for the guided walkthroughs is to help users level-up and quickly find value in the product for their business’ use case.

“These users would be part of the first wave of Pay As You Go clients who wouldn’t receive a formal onboarding, so I wanted to make sure they had an easy to access guide that would teach them the steps necessary for building their first flow,” said Jon.

“The combination of the strategic importance of this program, and Jon’s initiative analyzing the data to identify problem areas, led us to create an entirely new role for Jon at the company,” said Steve Rafferty, CEO and Founder of ActiveProspect in an article highlighting Jon’s work on BuiltInAustin.

“When I met with ActiveProspect I was sold, and I knew this was a place where I could contribute and be a part of the team,” said Jon , “18 months later and I still very much feel the same way!”

Thank you for your hard work, Jon! We expect big things for you moving forward.