Facebook has revolutionized how companies acquire leads with their Facebook Lead Ads product. As Facebook plays an ever-increasing role in lead acquisition, it is valuable for marketers to understand how to run a successful Facebook Lead Ads campaign. Next week at Leadscon Steve Rafferty, ActiveProspect Founder & CEO, will join the stage with Sona Parikh, Product Growth Manager of Facebook, and Sam Bhatt, Co-founder of WD Social, to present a session titled “From Likes to Leads: Leveraging Facebook Lead Ads for Customer Acquisition.”

The session will take place on Monday March 5, 2018 at 9:00 am as part of the Partnership Marketing Workshop. The panel will give an overview of Facebook Lead Ads, factors to consider for running successful campaigns, and walk through specific product use-cases.  This panel will highlight the ways in which  many companies use ActiveProspect’s LeadConduit product to capture, manage, and automate their Facebook Lead Ads campaigns.  WD Social, an ActiveProspect customer, will walk through how they leverage LeadConduit to successfully manage a number of different Facebook campaigns on behalf of clients in a variety of industries.  

For more information about LeadsCon and to register for the event, head to their website.