The claim window for TrustedForm Certificates has always been 3 days. If a TrustedForm Certificate isn’t claimed within this window, it is permanently deleted. While this has been fine for the majority of situations, this requirement has proven challenging in some cases. With this new feature, it is possible to extend the claim window to 3 months on any certificate. 

Why is this needed?

The two primary use cases where this has proven challenging is with aged leads and call center qualified leads. In these situations, the end buyer of the lead (or call) often doesn’t receive the lead until more than 3 days after the initial consumer sign-up. Aged leads are often 1-2 weeks old when they are sold. Call centers often take weeks to connect and qualify a consumer before selling as a call transfer or call qualified lead.  When receiving these types of leads, the end buyer hasn’t been able to claim the TrustedForm Certificate because it is already expired. Now the TrustedForm claim window can be extended to 3 months to allow for these use cases. 

How does it work?

There are 2 ways the claim window can be extended: 1) extended claims (this method is for TrustedForm customers),  and 2) check-in API (for non-customers).  

For extended claims, this feature must be enabled in your TrustedForm account. When this is enabled and you claim a TrustedForm Certificate, any subsequent claimers will be able to take advantage of the extended claim window when claiming the certificate. 

The check-in API is designed for lead vendors that aren’t TrustedForm customers. This requires simply making an API call to TrustedForm for any Certificates that need to have the claim window extended. 

3-month extended claim window

The extended claim window is 3 months to provide ample time to address these scenarios, and others. Based on our research, this should be more than enough time. Furthermore, there are legal reasons for not contacting leads that are more than 3 months old. The Do Not Call provisions of the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule state that companies can legally call consumers who have inquired about their goods & services for 3 months after inquiry. After 3 months, this established business relationship exemption of the Do-Not-Call statute expires, so you will need to scrub these leads against the DNC registry.

How do I use this?

If you are a TrustedForm customer account holder and you sell leads to another company that needs the extended claim window in order to claim the certificates, talk to your Client Success Manager who can help you by enabling this feature in your account.  There is no additional work for you to do – we simply turn on this feature in your account. If you are a lead vendor that doesn’t currently have a TrustedForm account, please reach out to our Support team about getting access to the check-in API.