If you read the post about our previous quarterly company meeting, you’re already familiar with one of ActiveProspect’s business rhythms. Although we use these gatherings to have fun and celebrate our culture in unique ways (this time it was Peter Pan Mini Golf), there is no mistaking their essential business purpose.

The folks over at The Rhythm of Business put it this way:

[The rhythm of business] starts with creating a vision, or goal, and moves to identifying critical assumptions about how to achieve that vision, implementing a plan to test those assumptions, learning what is right and wrong about the underlying assumptions, and then making a more informed set of assumptions. The process repeats again and again until the vision or goal is achieved.

This learning process is the essence of entrepreneurial thinking. It is much like the scientific process of creating a hypothesis and then testing and refining this assumption.

The company goals generated, reviewed and revised at our quarterly meetings translate into departmental and individual goals. We manage those through monthly and weekly rhythms. And there’s Agile, of course.

As we continue our quarterly journey through typically Austin activities and attractions (I’m pushing for Pinballz Arcade next), I’ll keep you posted.