Companies that purchase leads face a wide range of challenges: lead prices that go up while quality goes down; the time-consuming complexity of adding new lead vendors; and frustrated sales teams that struggle with poor leads, to name a few. But one of the biggest and most consistent challenges for lead buyers is the risk and cost associated with TCPA violations. 

ActiveProspect meets these challenges with a comprehensive suite of tools that operate between your lead sources and your sales system, ensuring consent-based marketing is the most scalable, cost-effective, and safest channel for customer acquisition.

We conducted an ROI study to understand and measure the user return on investment that ActiveProspect provides to lead buyers. Our study included customers from sectors as diverse as insurance, home services, solar, and financial services. 

Here’s a little more about the benefits our customers are seeing from ActiveProspect’s TCPA solution, which includes TrustedForm, fraud detection, known litigator protection, and right-party verification.

Measuring the Benefits

TrustedForm has translated into direct cost savings for customers who have dealt with TCPA litigation in the past. Penalties for willful violations range from $500 to $1500 for every non-compliant call and/or text, sometimes adding up to millions of dollars. Such cases can be very attractive to litigators, and the legal fees alone for defending a complaint can be significant.   

“At one point we spent  $1 million annually… TrustedForm is insurance.”

“In the past, we had five or six complaints every year at $100k per case.”

For the many companies who have dealt with known professional litigators, these lawsuits are particularly painful. It has been gratifying to see how proof of a TrustedForm certificate quickly shuts down new litigation attempts.

“We got called out on [a violation] three months ago and with TrustedForm, we were able to shut it down right away.”

But protection meant more to these customers than implementing and claiming TrustedForm certificates. For many, a lack of visibility into their entire lead acquisition process, whether at the initial source of lead generation or through the lead-filtering process, was at the heart of their compliance concerns. Purchasing the entire ActiveProspect solution – not just TrustedForm – was essential to gaining these additional benefits.

“We are still realizing how much fraud we had before [with an outsourced call center] because now we can see the entire lead.”

“It’s been a wonderful assurance… before we had to trust lead providers that we were actually protected.”

TCPA protection is not the only benefit of the ActiveProspect solution, but mitigating the risk of costly TCPA litigation is a major benefit. Learn more about how our complete TCPA solution can help you sleep better at night.

Many customers first find ActiveProspect when they are looking for a TCPA solution, and then discover other benefits, such as reducing junk leads and improving conversion rates. Learn more about other ROI benefits that come with our platform.