As an industry leader, ActiveProspect was honored to attend the Service World Expo where industry veterans and newcomers alike came together to reimagine the future of home services.   President of Service Nation, Tom Peregrino, envisioned an event that could be informative, inclusive, and enjoyable for attendees looking to escape the monotonous beats of other events.

“This event is highly focused on training, education, and networking, with fun sprinkled in as well,” Peregino said. “Our training and education are designed by revenue level, so no matter what size a company is, they’ll receive valuable information for where they are on their journey. We’ve also made it even easier than ever to network with other successful contractors. I’m excited that The New Flat Rate has combined their conference with ours to further increase the value.”

This year’s event was an unforgettable journey that delivered on Peregino’s vision of creating an informative and enjoyable networking experience. Service World Expo’s blend of innovation and inspiration with a dynamic platform fostered the exchange of ideas and knowledge among speakers, contractors, and industry experts.

We had the privilege of participating in a comprehensive agenda that included interactive workshops, breakout sessions focused on cutting-edge strategies, and pertinent keynote addresses from Tommy Mello, Richard Karn, and Jon Dorenbos. These interactive and engaging sessions provided valuable takeaways and practical strategies that could be implemented to enhance service quality and operational efficiency. 

For us, the Service World Expo was an unforgettable experience filled with learning, networking, and inspiration, that served as a gateway to stay at the forefront of home service excellence. We were honored to share the benefits of our entire consent-based marketing platform and eagerly look forward to shaping the future of home services together. 

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to champion consent-based marketing solutions. Thank you, Service World Expo for an informative, inclusive, and fun event!