LeadConduit will be upgraded on Thursday, 8/29 (postponed from Wed. 8/28) at 9:00PM, to support the improved “lead fingerprinting” feature of TrustedForm.

Existing campaigns that use LeadConduit’s built-in integration with TrustedForm will be updated automatically. The LeadConduit web UI will be offline for a few minutes, but lead processing will continue uninterrupted.

The TrustedForm press release describes the updated fingerprinting feature:

Lead Fingerprinting technology is now embedded in every TrustedForm Certificate. This advancement solidifies evidence of consent by allowing a marketer to independently verify that the phone number that was received with the lead data was the same phone number that was actually input on the web form by the consumer. None of the consumer’s personally identifiable information is captured by TrustedForm as part of this process, and the verification takes place in real-time prior to the marketer calling the consumer.

Another LeadConduit release, planned for later this week, will add support for the real-time page scanning feature also detailed in that announcement.