If you’re buying leads from a third party, your partner likely wants to verify the number of successfully delivered leads, as well as the amount of failed leads, including why they failed. LeadConduit makes it easy to configure these reports and provides a unique URL that you can share with your partner(s) so they have these quick access to these important stats, all without a LeadConduit account.

Generating Reports

Reports can be automatically configured on your behalf or you can create a custom report. From the Reports link in the top bar of LeadConduit, click “New Batch of Reports” to automatically generate a collection of reports based on Flow, lead source, recipient (or delivery destination), lead outcome, or event type (source, recipient, or filter). If you create a new batch of reports based on sources, LeadConduit will automatically create a unique and shareable report for each lead source across all flows in your account. You can easily add a second criterion to filter that report, as you can see in this example.

Configuring Custom Reports

To configure a custom report, click the “New Report” button and select multiple criteria to craft a specific report. You can include: event types, outcomes, Flows or sources. Like batch reports, this will create a unique link for each report so you can easily share this information without requiring a LeadConduit account for access.

Reports are a simple, yet powerful way to keep everyone on the same page.