I just read the following blog post by Vince Cersosimo, CEO of Webbula, titled “Reliable Email Verification May Be Gone Forever”. This type of straight talk seems to be increasingly rare in the marketing industry so I applaud Vince for educating us about this issue. Like Webbula, ActiveProspect stands for transparency, and being transparent to earn trust is a topic I have written about in the past.

As Vince details in his blog, Yahoo, Verizon, and AOL emails are now returning “unknown” or “Accept-All” for email bounce checks. This is an issue that will impact all email verification services. This is an important issue at ActiveProspect because many of our clients rely on email verification services as part of their lead acquisition process. We enable our clients to use a variety of best-of-breed providers, such as Webbula, in their lead flows.

Thanks to Vince for keeping us informed about this issue. It will be interesting to see how things evolve. It appears that more advanced methods of verifying email quality will need to be utilized. Services like Webbula’s mult-method email hygiene service become more important with this news. That service is available in LeadConduit as a marketplace integration, which means you can try it on a usage basis with no minimums directly in the app.