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Get the Most Out of Facebook Lead Ads

We provide the tools you need to scale your campaigns and protect yourself from TCPA litigation.

What are
Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads are an ad unit designed to simplify connecting interested consumers with advertisers, by collecting the lead within the ad unit. The entire lead submission process is reduced to a couple of clicks, while keeping the user inside of Facebook.

Why use them?

Facebook provides advertisers with incredible reach and robust audience targeting capabilities, making it a channel that you can't afford to ignore. With Facebook Lead Ads, it is incredibly simple for consumers to submit leads for your offer.

ActiveProspect provides a
comprehensive Facebook Lead Ads Solution.

ActiveProspect is an official integration partner of Facebook and provides
advanced capabilities for Facebook Lead Ads.

Data Integration, Standardization
and Mapping

Connect Facebook leads to your various marketing systems in real-time. Our LeadConduit platform ensures leads make it to your CRM, email system, dialer, marketing automation system or other solution automatically and that the data will be properly mapped and formatted.

Delivery & Routing

Send leads to a variety of systems all at once, or to different destinations based on sophisticated rules. Route leads based on geography, campaign, lead type, etc. Common examples include sending SMB and Enterprise leads to two different sales funnels, or sending leads to different offices based on geographic territory.

Data Append & Verification

Enrich Facebook leads with more information. Lead ads are a fantastic way to get new prospects, but the amount of data you can collect is limited. Using our Marketplace Integrations, marketers can append additional third party data in real-time to these leads (demographics, phone type, home value, company info, etc.).

TCPA Consent for Facebook
Lead Ads

For anyone who calls or texts their leads, TCPA compliance is critical. Our TrustedForm solution is built into Lead Ads specifically to address this need. Using TrustedForm allows you to verify proof of opt-in and document consent for every lead.

Filter Bad Leads

For any leads with inaccurate or non-contactable data, LeadConduit can keep those leads out of your systems. This allows your database to remain clean, and to focus on converting only valid leads.

Feedback & Reporting

Our reporting dashboard makes it easy to track how many leads you’re getting and follow trends based on each campaign.

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