Deliver Leads To Any System, Any Time

Effectively scale your multi-channel delivery efforts with a wide variety of system integrations.

ActiveProspect makes it easy to manage and optimize your lead distribution efforts with powerful data integration solutions and action-oriented tracking and reporting.

Integrate Lead Sources For Improved Distribution

Now, you can integrate all of your lead sources with the systems you use to contact your leads. Leads can be routed based on your custom rules to different systems or buyers.

Library of pre-built outbound integrations with popular CRMs and ESPs.

Outbound field mapping

Deliver to multiple systems based on rules-based logic.

Integrate with any system using flexible standard integrations


ROI Calculator

Tell us a little bit about your consent-based lead budget and we'll tell you how ActiveProspect can help you save money, close more business and reduce your risk TCPA-related expenses.


Eliminate time-wasting and inaccurate manual processes

Save time by automating all your lead integration points.

Normalize and validate data elements to comply with the specific requirements of your sources and recipients.

Deliver clean and accurate data to multiple databases in the appropriate format.

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