A Better Way To Drive Lead Acquisition

ActiveProspect helps you scale your lead acquisition efforts to see new results.

Our real-time lead acquisition platform makes it easy to capture leads from multiple sources and set rules that ensure you only accept leads that meet your criteria.

Lead Optimization Whitepaper

Uncover the true sources of the leads you buy.

Capture leads from any source

Capture leads automatically from any source, easily test new vendors and scale your lead-buying initiatives.


Choose from hundreds of standard integrations with lead vendors and lead-generation platforms

Easily integrate with your own web forms and third-party partners for faster scaling & growth.


Normalize data and ensure that your requirements align to your sources and recipients.

Gain confidence that your leads from Facebook Lead Ads are compliant. ActiveProspect is the only TCPA compliant Facebook Lead Ads supported solution.


Accept Only The Leads Most Likely To Become Customers

Accept and reject lead sources in real time by using rules-based logic. Finally, you can say goodbye to duplicate, uncontactable, non-compliant, and unqualified leads.

It's time to take your vendor relationships to the next level.

Pre-check your leads against any list in real time to block duplicates, current customers, leads you’ve already purchased, and much more.

Define acceptance criteria on a source-by-source basis and communicate these requirements via submission documentation.

Maximize your budget and manage profitability. by setting volume caps by source and recipient.

Programmatically assign a price to each lead and calculate profitability by sources and recipients.


Get the leads you want at the
price you want

Real-time ping/post bidding lets buyers evaluate leads before purchasing them.

Reduce lead rejections by only bidding on leads you want.

Automate rules to determine bid prices.


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