Optimize Lead Flows & Improve ROI

Make the most out of every lead that enters your system.

Drive your cost-per-lead marketing with our real-time lead acquisition platform. ActiveProspect makes it easy to capture leads from multiple sources and set rules that ensure you only accept leads that meet your criteria.

Enhance Leads With New Data

Gain new insights into your leads by leveraging the wide range of data available in the ActiveProspect Marketplace.

Gather deeper information on everything from location, age, and gender to income and credit score.

Act on new data by setting rules and filters for different types of consumer profiles.


Three Elements Whitepaper

Discover how deeper insights on each of these three elements can help you optimize your lead acquisition efforts.


Discover Deeper Lead Insights

TrustedForm and LeadConduit capture a vast breadth of metadata about the creation of the lead, helping you make smarter decisions about how much to pay for a lead.

Filter Leads In Real Time

Check leads against any existing list in real time.

Avoid duplicate leads, such as leads you are already working or leads that have already converted.

Route good duplicate leads, such as returning prospects, down the right path to close.


Track and Report Every Step of Your Lead Flow

Granular reporting allows you to track activity across different dimensions, including each event that occurs for every individual lead.

Track lead processing time down to the millisecond.

Enable effective partner management with shared reports.

Store a detailed audit trail for every lead.

Automate lead returns as needed.

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