Just saw this great article on Forbes.com by InsideSales founder Ken Krogue. We at ActiveProspect are excited to be ranked the #7 fastest responding company in the Lead Generation industry.  The study was comprised of companies that attended LeadsCon Las Vegas 2013.  Clearly this shows that we practice what we preach.  As makers of real-time marketing automation software, we enable our customers to respond quickly to their prospects.  We try to do the same.


ActiveProspect responded with a call in 54 seconds and a email in 1 second, while the average response time for this study was 17 hours and 17 minutes.  How did we do it?  A quick email response time is easy – we send real-time confirmation emails.  To be honest, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this.  For the call, our sales team gets a real-time notification for new leads.  However, we don’t use any outbound calling software or autodialers.  We rely on our sales team to be on the ball.

You can read more about the study by InsideSales here. In addition, these studies yield some very interesting data, including:

  • Average response time is 42 hours and 43 minutes
  • 50.2% of the companies never emailed or called back
  • The average salesperson made 1.88 call back attempts

To quote from the article “When we pioneered the lead response study with Dr. James Oldroyd when he was working at MIT. He showed a lead has a 100x higher chance of being contacted and 21x higher chance of qualifying if contacted within 5 minutes compared to just 30 minutes.”

We’d like to thank InsideSales for spending time and resources on performing this research. We appreciate the efforts to inform and educate our industry.