ActiveProspect had an unforgettable time at! We had the opportunity to connect with over 700 fellow marketers at a cornerstone event that spans numerous sectors of the economy, including finance, healthcare, professional services, and travel, just to name a few.

With detailed TrustedForm and LeadConduit demos displayed on iPads and creative swag giveaways (everyone loves the socks), our booth was a popular stop for many attendees. Our team was thrilled to showcase our consent-based marketing products and educate peers on how they can start engaging prospects who actually want to speak to them.

In addition to the lively convention hall, offered numerous insightful and interactive sessions, where industry experts shared their knowledge and experiences with the audience. But of all the great sessions and speakers, our favorite was undoubtedly our very own General Manager of Insurance Yung Chung who took the stage with Charcoal’s President Kurt Black, for “It’s the Leads Dummy! How to leverage data to dramatically improve contact rates in the Insurance industry.”

During the session, Yung and Kurt reviewed a published case study between ActiveProspect and Charcoal –a lead management company– and analyzed the effectiveness of lead filtering and data-driven decisions on conversion rates. The goal of the session was to educate the audience on how to do more with less and maximize cost savings with the power of TrustedForm Insights.

“So, before we [Charcoal] started working with ActiveProspect, we were really in that Whack-a-Mole world where we were looking at conversion rates by vendor and then we would also look at conversion rates by Sub-ID,” Kurt explained. “We would go through and say, ‘Okay, these different Sub-Ids are not working, cut those off.’ We would see performance for that vendor go up, but all of a sudden another vendor would start to go down.”

In the case study, it was revealed that by leveraging TrustedForm Insights, Charcoal was able to help its insurance client save over $250,000 in unwanted leads. By filtering out leads that were more than 24 hours old, foreign in origin, or from non-converting domains, they were able to increase conversion rates by a staggering 58.5 percent.

“I just want to point out as I put my data science hat on for a moment,” Yung elaborated. “We all know getting an incremental lift in conversion rate is a huge advantage, right? Just a five percent lift is massive. To see numbers like a 58.5 percent increase in conversion rate… These numbers are really difficult to comprehend from a data science perspective. It’s almost like a sea change moment, right? It’s a very profound change. I think everyone recognizes that. My first reaction was you have to run the data again, he’s screwed up. Some numbers don’t make sense, but it was, in fact, correct.”

Similar to the webinar they co-hosted two weeks ago, the conversation between Yung and Kurt was enjoyable and overflowing with valuable information designed to help you revolutionize your lead acquisition efforts. was a tremendous success for ActiveProspect. The event afforded us the opportunity to network with numerous marketers who were interested in our entire platform of consent-based marketing solutions. Our peers’ enthusiasm to learn more about compliance, lead acquisition, and explore mutually beneficial partnerships was encouraging and highlighted the growing importance of promoting ethical marketing practices.

This event is annually a must-attend for ActiveProspect and we can’t wait to return to the Mile High City next year!