ActiveProspect’s inaugural Client Elevation Summit promised to offer attendees an edge over competitors; a one-of-a-kind event designed to connect industry leaders and share insider tips amongst some of the most prominent brands in home services. Not only were the most ambitious expectations surpassed, but this user summit set the bar for what you can expect from ActiveProspect in the future.  

The Client Elevation Summit wasn’t a standard business summit, it was more personal, inclusive, and empowered all attendees with a voice. The event’s intimate setting afforded everyone the opportunity to personally connect individually, and cement a relationship founded in the pursuit of continued success. With 15 renowned brands and over 20 attendees, this summit was an interactive experience overflowing with conversation and insights regarding lead generation, performance marketing, and the customer experience. 

The interactive agenda served more as a compass for conversation keeping everyone active in the discussion. The robust agenda included:

  • A welcome social at the M Bar in Las Vegas to get things started.
  • A keynote address from ActiveProspect’s Founder and CEO Steve Rafferty on the future of the lead generation industry.
  • Key leaders from ActiveProspect presented their visions for the modern customer experience, how to continually improve client relationships, and insights into ActiveProspect product roadmap 
  • An open-floor sponsorship panel and small, 10-person breakout sessions were held with peers to discuss current happenings with their business and compare notes.
  • A Top Golf social that included lunch, drinks, and drives.

The first day began with a warm welcome reception, allowing attendees to register, network, and unwind with fellow professionals in the industry after a day of traveling. On the second day, after a delicious breakfast and registration, the event kicked off with the exclusive session: “CEO Vision on Lead Gen 2024 & Beyond” by ActiveProspect’s own CEO, Steve Rafferty. Attendees had the opportunity to hear firsthand from a pioneer in the industry and see a glimpse of what the future holds in the world of lead generation.

Following the opening presentation, our CRO Margaret Wise further expanded upon Steve’s message of the importance and challenge of preserving the customer experience in a modern world. “Your front door is digital,” Wise said. “The reality is that your front door is everywhere right now, and there are no Ring cameras telling you who it is at the door and where they came from.”

Rafferty and Wise both stressed the importance of making consent-based marketing the best channel for customer acquisition and how it can help consumers protect their front door and privacy in an increasingly invasive industry.

Concluding the AP-led sessions, Customer Success Manager Erica Garza spoke about the evolution and strategies for sustaining customer success, and Sales Engineer Megan Chavez eloquently discussed how ActiveProspect’s latest updates will further help clients utilize lead data to its utmost potential.

A sponsorship panel and breakout sessions wrapped up an eventful morning where 15 brands and their leadership teams had the opportunity to speak and share ideas. Every session and presentation was engaging and encouraged an open discussion where everyone had the chance to participate. This created a welcoming environment where attendees could interact and connect directly with each other and share their insights with the entire summit. The open engagement kept everyone’s spirits high and the infectious energy carried throughout the entire day.

After the morning sessions, we took a fun break with a lively “snowball fight” icebreaker game, allowing attendees to answer silly questions, interact, connect, and get to know each other on a more personal level in a relaxed setting. To end the summit with a bang, we hosted a lunch and an afternoon of cocktails and semi-long drives at Top Golf. It was the perfect blend of business and entertainment, showcasing the best of our industry involved in a little friendly competition.

Overall, ActiveProspect’s first-ever Client Elevation Summit was an immense success. Attendees left feeling inspired and valued, armed with a newfound drive to reach increased heights of success in the home services industry. If you missed out on this exceptional event, be sure to keep an eye out for our next user summit.

A special thank you to our sponsors for helping make this event a reality: