We recently released a new integration for Anura Direct in LeadConduit. It is a marketplace integration which means you can use Anura Direct by simply adding the Anura Direct integration to your lead flow. We are offering Anura Direct to all LeadConduit customers free of charge until the end of the year. Anura Direct adds another valuable service to our growing library of lead enhancement services available in LeadConduit. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to try new services.

Anura is designed to identify ad fraud, which continues to be a big problem in the industry. A couple months ago I wrote a blog about form spam, which happens when automated bot programs or human spammers submit junk leads to online forms. Fraudulent leads result in wasted media spend, wasted internal resources (call center, etc.), and potential TCPA liability since you may be calling a person that never requested to be contacted. There are a number of great products for fighting ad fraud. These products, such as Anura, typically work by using a script to analyze the site visitor. This is great when you have direct access to the visitor on your own site. However, for most lead buyers this is not an option.

For lead buyers, how can you identify leads that were likely submitted from fraudulent users?  With the API implementation of Anura, called Anura Direct, the traffic doesn’t have to be captured by a script process. You pass the IP address and User Agent of the site visitor that submitted the lead, and Anura Direct will instantly inform you whether or not that site visitor is fraudulent. This works great with TrustedForm which provides the most reliable data for IP address and User Agent.

LeadConduit allows you to make real-time decisions on your leads. Using the Anura Direct integration, you can filter/reject leads in real-time if Anura indicates they came from a fraudulent site visitor. For companies buying leads in a dynamic bidding ping-post environment, you can use Anura Direct to decide whether or not you want to bid for a particular lead. You don’t want to buy a lead that was submitted by a fraudulent user!

If you are a current ActiveProspect customer, please reach out to your account manager to learn more. If you aren’t an ActiveProspect customer, now is a great time to try our services so you can take advantage of this limited time offer.