Over the last year and a half, there’s been a major shift in consumer behavior within the home services industry. 

In early 2020, many consumers shifted to online shopping, a trend which has continued into 2021 — but what they are shopping for has also changed. 

Whether it’s because of social distancing or an increase in remote-friendly work openings, people are spending more time at home. That means an increased demand for home services — finally remodeling that bathroom, making over the spare bedroom into a home office, or installing that in-ground pool the kids have been begging for. 

That’s all great for business, but not necessarily your business. With consumers tending to shop around online more for the best deal, competition is getting steeper and so are the costs-per-lead (CPLs).

So, how do you make sure the leads you do get are worth the cost?  

By using third-party data to optimize and personalize your approach. 

We’ll cover three steps you can take to start increasing your form submission rates, boosting lead quality, and providing more value to more customers. 

Let’s jump into it. 

Step 1: Increase Form Submission with Fewer Form Fields

Lengthy forms, especially ones with multiple dropdown fields, are associated with decreased form submission rates. Why? Well, most consumers don’t want to spend five minutes filling out a form just to get a quote. 

Increasing concerns with online privacy also have a lot to do with it. Consumers are beginning to be more discerning with where and how they give out their data. Asking for too much information in your lead form can send up red flags.

So, ditch the long forms.

According to a study by Infutor, home services brands that reduced form fields saw a 214% increase in submitted forms. But how did they get useful lead data without all those fields?

By using third-party data to fill in the blanks. 

Which brings us to step two…

Step 2: Use a Tool Like LeadConduit to Enhance Lead Data

With fewer form fields, you won’t be able to ask your prospects as many qualifying questions. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for low-quality leads, though. 

This is where a tool like LeadConduit comes into play. 

LeadConduit is a real-time lead optimization platform that allows you to gain additional information on your leads using third-party data services. The powerful tools in our LeadConduit integration library were designed to help you find your best customers. 

Gather deeper information on everything from location, age, and gender to income and credit score.

All this new, valuable lead data can be used to make real-time decisions on your leads — set rules and filters for different types of consumer profiles, identify duplicate or unqualified leads, and reject low-quality leads in real time to keep your ROI high and your CPLs low.  

So, now that you have all this new information about your leads, what do you do with it? 

LeadConduit seamlessly integrates with your CRM of choice, so you can automatically send leads through to your sales team. No more manual lead transfer, uploading CSV files, or time delays.

Once it’s in your CRM, it’s time to put that third-party data to work. 

Step 3: Use Third-Party Data to Personalize Your Lead Outreach

In a saturated market of brand emails and scripted phone calls, customers are looking for a personalized experience. That’s why personalization performs 8x better than basic segmentation

Just adding the consumer’s name into your sales agents’ script isn’t going to cut it, although it certainly doesn’t hurt. What’s more important is the ability to craft the customer experience using specific information about their pain point, their circumstances, and other relevant demographic data.

With personalization built off of robust lead data, you can segment your leads more effectively and set your sales agents up for success with background information about the lead before they even dial out or send that first touch-base email. 

Our library of outbound LeadConduit integrations will help you optimize and automate your outreach, turning that third-party data into new customers. 

And that’s it! It really is as simple as one, two, three to start bringing in better quality home services leads. 

If you want to learn more about how to get started with LeadConduit, contact us today.