ActiveProspect is proud to fully integrate with over 100 unique platforms. In this Integration Spotlight series, we’ll highlight our most popular integrations so you can make the most out of your lead generation efforts.

What is iLeads?

iLeads provides customer acquisition for smart marketers who want to reach homeowners faster and easier through the power of data. Whether you’re in the real estate, insurance, mortgage, or other homeowner marketing space, iLeads products combine intent-based consumer leads with property, mortgage, and homeownership data to fuel customer acquisition and bring better leads into your funnel.

LeadConduit, ActiveProspect’s real-time lead optimization platform, integrates with iLeads to analyze that valuable lead data, deliver it directly to your CRM, and so much more. The two lead analytics integrations from iLeads that ActiveProspect currently offers within LeadConduit are GateKeeper and RealTAG

Learn more about each integration below:

Why Loan Officers Should Use the ActiveProspect + iLeads Integrations

Checking consumer input from internet form fills against actual public record data to make sure you have accurate lead data when it hits your CRM allows your agent or loan officer to have the most up to date property information available. With GateKeeper for iLeads, that information is instantly available in real-time while speaking with the consumer with no lag.

GateKeeper is a loan/collateral underwriting tool that can instantly qualify a mortgage lead by leveraging the same data a loan officer would have to scrub against manually – saving you time and money. 

What’s the GateKeeper for iLeads advantage?

  • Instant collateral analysis (title, property data, current mortgage, valuation) on mortgage leads
  • Instant suitable loan suggestions for each mortgage lead
  • Instant Loan-to-Value (LTV) check
  • Identifies consumer form fill errors, e.g. address typos (via address standardization)
  • Minimizes loan officer’s manual borrower and property discovery process
  • Eliminates inaccurate data by appending and verifying over 270 title, property, mortgage, and valuation data points
  • Stops fraud by instantly verifying title and enables the spotting of inconsistencies in data provided by the consumer
  • Eliminates loan officer judgment uncertainty with data – 40% of self-assessed “bad” leads are actually solid 
  • Saves loan officers time and effort to focus on the leads most likely to fund by matching consumer leads to property and title data
  • Qualifies the best mortgage leads with the confidence of 100% residential property data coverage

Even better, with LeadConduit, you can analyze and append the property data and mortgage loan suggestions from GateKeeper right to your leads in your CRM.

The other iLeads integration available in LeadConduit is RealTAG. With RealTAG, you can feed your call center with leads qualified through bank accurate homeownership, property, and mortgage data.

What’s the RealTAG for iLeads advantage?

  • Check against over 270 rich data points for a total view of the prospect and their property
  • Verify qualified leads in real time
  • Send fully qualified long-form leads to your lenders, publishers, and call center agents
  • Arm your agents for success with real-time or on demand, always accurate data

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