ActiveProspect is proud to fully integrate with over 100 unique platforms. In this Integration Spotlight series, we’ll highlight our most popular integrations so you can make the most out of your lead generation efforts.

What is Anura?

Anura accurately exposes bots, malware, and human fraud to help increase campaign performance by reducing wasted ad spend, chargebacks, TCPA issues, and more. Anura’s solution mitigates ad fraud and eliminates false positives by only marking visitors as fraudulent when it is 100% confident the visitor isn’t real, allowing advertisers to invest more resources towards growing their business.  

Benchmarked against validated conversion data, Anura is able to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of the solution while offering a detailed analytics dashboard to provide proof of fraud. With a combination of machine learning and experienced engineers, Anura can detect even the most sophisticated fraud techniques in real time.  

How does the Anura integration with ActiveProspect work?

You can integrate Anura with LeadConduit to make real-time decisions on your leads. By using the Anura integration, you can filter and reject leads in real time if Anura indicates they came from a fraudulent site visitor. For companies buying leads in a dynamic bidding ping-post environment, you can use Anura to decide whether or not you want to bid for a particular lead. And if the Anura integration proves that a lead was submitted by a fraudulent user, you can choose not to purchase that lead and use your cost-savings to invest in better leads. 

Why You Need Anura + TrustedForm, Too

Unfortunately, companies can still be sued for a TCPA infraction – yes, even if you have proof of consent – if that consent was submitted by a bot or a fraudulent user. If a bot fills out a form with a random person’s information, you don’t actually have that person’s consent – so if you call that person, not only are you wasting time and money, but you’ve also broken TCPA regulations and are opening yourself up to litigation. 

If you want double the protection from TCPA litigation brought by fraudulent users, you should be using both TrustedForm and Anura. TrustedForm provides the most reliable data for IP addresses and User Agent. By also implementing the Anura API, you can pass the IP address and User Agent of the site visitor that submitted the lead, and Anura will instantly inform you whether or not that site visitor is fraudulent. 

Not only will you be protected by TrustedForm, but you also gain the added protection of ensuring you don’t contact fraudulent leads or leads generated by bots – saving you time, money, and avoiding litigation! 

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