There’s nothing quite like bringing a family together over a meal. For our Q1 2014 company meeting, the ActiveProspect family gathered at The Lamar Culinary Center located within the Whole Foods Market mother ship store in downtown Austin. There we learned how to cook up a storm of American comfort food and dined on the fruits of our labor. Divided into teams responsible for different dishes, we tackled our assignments with the usual AP finesse, teamwork, and aplomb.

Our menu for the evening consisted of creamy tomato soup; chopped salad with tomatoes, bacon, and homemade ranch dressing; pork chops brined in jalapeno and beer; a four-cheese macaroni and cheese (garnished with even more cheese by Jeff, our office foodie), creamed chard with sweet onions; and a heavenly mixed berry cobbler.

The best part? Sharing an adventure in dining and adding new stories to company lore. Check out the pics below to sample a taste of our event.

Cooking class group shot

Dessert station

Short ribs

Salad station

Serious Fun