Are you using technology to qualify and get the best results for your leads? ActiveProspect Home Services Sales Director, Ruben Ugarte, joins the Lead Gen Leaders podcast to discuss how consent-based marketing methods can change the game for home improvement lead generation using innovative technology. 

In this podcast, Ruben shares his background in the home services industry, starting with his childhood rooted in a family roofing business and later moving on to becoming a lead purchaser for a huge solar company, where he bought thousands of leads a month using the ActiveProspect platform. In fact, he loved the technology so much that he made the move to ActiveProspect to sell it to leading home services brands. 

As technology becomes more relevant to the home improvement industry, be sure to tune into the full episode to hear about how the ActiveProspect platform is helping leading home services brands convert more, better-qualified leads and adopt the consent-based marketing best practices that go along with them.