Companies that purchase leads face a wide range of challenges: Prices that go up while quality goes down; the time-consuming complexity of adding new lead vendors, and frustrated sales teams tired of calling on prospects who don’t want to hear from them.

ActiveProspect meets these challenges with a comprehensive suite of tools that operate between your lead sources and your sales system, ensuring consent-based marketing is the most scalable, cost-effective, and safest channel for customer acquisition.

We conducted an ROI study to understand and measure the user return on investment that ActiveProspect provides to lead buyers. Our study included customers from sectors as diverse as insurance, home services, solar, and financial services. 

Here’s a little more about the ways that our customers are saving money by reducing poor-quality leads and maximizing conversion through lead optimization and routing strategies.

The End of Junk Leads

Organizations that implement the full range of ActiveProspect’s features report a dramatic reduction in duplicate, uncontactable, non-compliant, and unqualified leads. 

The practice of blocking unwanted leads in real-time by using a variety of data services and filters results in a 15-25% reduction in unusable leads. 

“It has absolutely gotten better! We can analyze what was and wasn’t working and then set filters.”

“[Before ActiveProspect], our spend was astronomical. ActiveProspect has been great for filtering out low intent leads.”

Even better, the visibility that marketers gain into their lead funnel enables more and more refinements to their process, which results in greater and greater savings over time.

Better Lead Conversion

For customers who track their leads through to conversion and cost-per-acquisition, an additional value emerges. 

With ActiveProspect, sales teams focus only on the leads most likely to convert. Additionally, lead enhancement improves the quality of the lead before it reaches the sales team. The result is as much as a 20-30% increase in deals won.

“Our cost per acquisition has gone from $1000 to $700.”

“I’m converting the same amount of leads with less spend.”

Some lead buyers have been surprised by the conversion improvement they experience simply by gaining a deeper understanding of their lead funnel and making adjustments to every step of the process, from lead sources through routing rules. 

“I can see the entire process from start to finish.”

“You can identify the patterns and trends and feel confident.”

This continuous improvement path suggests that conversion rates will get increasingly better over time, as sophisticated marketing and sales operations leaders continually analyze and optimize their lead funnel.

A Happier Team

Numbers are at the heart of calculating a return on investment, but the organizations we talked to saw other kinds of value to their organization as well.  

Virtually every customer agreed on the positive impact that quality leads have had on their sales organizations. Knowing that when they pick up the phone, they are calling a prospect who is real, validated, and has opted into receiving a call, leads to much higher satisfaction among sales and call center representatives.

“The sales team has hope when they see that TrustedForm certificate.”

“Our sales reps are happier – they like a lead that they can make money on.”

But it wasn’t only the sales teams that were happier: The sales operations and marketing managers we spoke with are also more satisfied – and not just with the impact on their lead quality, budgets, and sales team – but implementing ActiveProspect has also made their overall operations more efficient and effective.

“Before I was checking manually, verifying, looking at the attached data to validate one-by-one. With ActiveProspect, you can identify the patterns and trends and feel confident.”

As the people tasked with establishing new lead vendors, checking for duplicates, and validating lead quality, implementing the ActiveProspect solution means a dramatic decrease in managing tedious spreadsheets and manual processes by automating tasks – a win for the individual and for the organization.

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