Following up on our recent release of the TrustedForm Certificate API v4.0, which includes productivity upgrades that will improve your overall experience and better insights about your leads, we’d like to give you a glimpse at what we’re building next for TrustedForm.

Up next – Confidently make contact with verified consent

TrustedForm Verify

Ensuring that the consent language presented to your leads contains the proper phrasing to mitigate litigation risk is a daunting task. The many variations used by different providers and constant changes as lead generation forms are updated make having a system to manage them essential.

TrustedForm Verify will enable you to prove that your leads meet the disclosure requirements of your compliance team by confirming that the consumer saw the disclosure you approved and has provided consent. By helping you manage consent language more effectively, Verify will allow you to perform checks in real-time to confidently start a conversation with a prospect that actually wants to speak with you. 

Enhanced PII protection

ActiveProspect is committed to protecting all the parties in the consent-based marketing ecosystem. So beginning July 5, 2023, we are implementing an enhancement to hide all form input data in session replays until lead matching is successfully performed, to protect against any possible unauthorized access of consumers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

This enhancement ensures that consumer data cannot be accessed through the TrustedForm Certificate by any party who doesn’t already have access to the consumer data. Get the details on what you must do to access session replays from now on.

Consent language view for lead generators

Publishers that generate leads are not always aware of the consent languages that are detected by TrustedForm on the certificates they generate. This could result in surprising rejection of leads once their buyers start setting rules based on this data.

With a view of their consent languages, Certify users can review the data their buyer’s are using to assess compliance and make changes as needed. 

Create multiple certificates in single page applications

Publishers will now be able to generate multiple certificates without the need to reload the page. This will deliver an improved consumer experience and alleviate the difficulties of creating multiple certificates during their session.

Note: The development process is filled with unexpected hurdles, so the roadmaps are subject to change. Additionally, they do not include the entirety of our development plans.
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