ActiveProspect for Financial Services

As the global economy grows, the role of financial enterprises is more vital than ever. Financial institutions have to reinvent themselves on the fly while reaching new prospects and customers.

Learn how ActiveProspect can help you adapt and thrive in this new environment.


Boost your lead-buying ROI

Reduce lead fraud and improve the ROI of your lead-buying efforts by identifying and rejecting bad leads in real time.

Turn lead vendors into partners

Test and add new vendors quickly and easily. Then, leverage our powerful reporting to gain visibility into lead quality and optimize your vendor relationships.

Mitigate TCPA and FCRA risks

Verify and document proof of consent on first- and third-party leads while gaining new confidence in your compliance efforts.

Paramount Case Study Video

See how the ActiveProspect platform works for Paramount Bank.

Popular Financial Services Enhancements


Verify a phone number has an active subscriber in real time, as well as subscriber status, line type, and registration location information.

Contact Center Compliance (

Mitigate TCPA noncompliance and related lawsuit risks by identifying potential litigators before you call known plaintiffs and attorneys.


Use IP Address and User-Agent to identify fraudulent leads in real time. TrustedForm can reliably provide this data for Anura.

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